Creating EFT fingerprint files

Creating EFT fingerprint files for ATF eForm 1 and eForm 4 applications has never been easier! If you’re an FFL gun dealer handling NFA transactions, the ATF is now accepting electronic fingerprints for both Form 1 and Form 4 applications. To submit electronic fingerprints you will need specialized software to create EFTs that are compliant with AFT and FBI specifications. Lakota Software Solutions has the software tools you need to create these files! Head over to our new site,, to order a fingerprint scanner and start creating EFT files today.

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We also have a Windows application available. This app can help you build an EFT fingerprint file from scratch or convert scanned fingerprint card images. We can also provide your development team with an SDK to programmatically build your own application.

Here is a helpful blog by Capitol Armory to dispel any rumors/myths about wait times:

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And if you need help buying an FBI-approved fingerprint scanner for capturing your customer’s fingerprints, we can help with that, too.

**NOTE: We currently support Integrated Biometrics, Jenetric, I3, and HID fingerprint scanners. Contact us to ask about adding support for your existing scanner.

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