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We are Lakota

What makes Lakota Different?

Lakota Software Solutions has established a culture of operating in small, highly efficient teams to deliver top-quality products and services at a lower cost. Lakota’s vision is to maintain its organization of motivated and accountable employees with as little overhead as possible. We follow a rigorous screening process and use a performance-based evaluation system to ensure Lakota’s employees are top-notch. We also offer a comprehensive benefits package with profit sharing so that every employee has a vested interest in the success of our company. This simple foundation ensures our customers get the most value for their money.

Best of the best

Approximately 20% of the staff performs 80-90% of all the work in the majority of all large programs. This puts tremendous strain on the 20% of the employees to carry the entire weight of the program, which plummets morale and productivity, and leads to higher talent attrition. Large organizations end up drastically increasing cost and schedule and reducing product/service quality. At Lakota, you get the top 20%, 100% of the time. We only hire the best-of-the-best to ensure we continue to outperform all other IT service providers, large and small.


Lakota Headquarters is located in I-79 Technology Park in Fairmont, WV.