Law Enforcement Agencies

Many law enforcement agencies still depend on the inefficient, often ineffective, slow, and outdated process of collecting fingerprints with ink cards. This leads to dangerous delays in reporting and potentially lets suspects fall through the cracks which could in turn lead to avoidable crime.

Other solutions require substantial financial investment and have a steep learning curve, but now, Lakota Software is bringing it’s new, streamlined, cost-effective, and simple WHORL solution to local law enforcement agencies everywhere.

With its WHORL application and customizable configurations, Lakota can build a solution to meet your needs and budget – empowering your officers with accurate information so they can make real-time decisions on the front lines.

Whorl works for Police & Sheriff’s Departments & Border Patrol:

  • Whorl easily integrates into government and commercial systems allowing their users to connect seamlessly with their automated biometric identification systems.
  • Whorl provides a gateway to any ABIS which prevents vendor lock-in giving their clients the ability to build their biometric system to the right size and scope.
  • The Whorl solution can be set-up easily in a matter of minutes at virtually any workstation.

Whorl doesn’t require a large investment, and there’s no long-term contract or commitment. Schedule a time to preview the WHORL system HERE.

Our team can set you up with a free 30-day trial of the application so you can see how it works for your department.